Replix Global Data Fabric™

Real-Time DR as a Service

Real-Time Multicloud Data Management

Replix Global Data Fabric™​

Seamlessly replicate data across cloud environments to ensure resiliency, business continuity, and data durability.

Learn how Replix’s revolutionary Data Fabric enables companies to effortlessly

Achieve multi-cloud resiliency across any distance with no latency.

Multicloud becomes a reality

Replix operates a Real-Time Data Fabric to provide an entirely new level of data resiliency, assuring that your data is protected against disasters ranging from availability-zone level to cloud regions or even the failure of a global cloud provider assuring critical workloads can finally shift to the cloud.

Multicloud and onprem in gray - Replix

Embrace cloud diversity

Replix’s multicloud data platform empowers organisations to utilize the full flexibility and mobility of the public cloud, freeing your data from the chains of data gravity and freeing you to shift workloads from one cloud provider to the other, knowing that data is synced across all locations. 

Consistency errors and data loss@6x

Your Data

A managed service that is completely data agnostic, giving you transparent data access without any propriety data formats 

Your Cloud - Replix

Your Cloud

Regain the freedom to choose your cloud provider by neutralizing data gravity. Make your application data available anytime and anywhere.

Your Choice

Replix provides real-time data mobility across clouds, negating distance, and vendor restraints, giving you the operational freedom to tailor your operations to your needs.

Modernize your IT infrastructure with live data

Replix creates on the fly replicas with live synchronized data across distances and cloud providers without the need for dedicated hardware or networking configuration, your customers are live your data is static, Replix can change that.

fully managed replication service - Replix

MultiCloud Disaster Recovery

While most cloud DR solutions are a point in time solution with data that is only valid to a certain time, Replix is a real-time solution with a Zero RPO, replicas hold live synchronized data ready to protect your data from any level of disaster: AZ, Region and cloud providers.

Real-Time Data Mobility@6x

MultiCloud Data Mobility

A real-time synced replication solution that assures your data is live, anytime and anywhere. replicas hold synchronized data to be span off to create any type of environment across any distance with zero RPO freeing your data from vendor constraints. 

Multicloud data management

MultiCloud Data Management

A modern SaaS deployed solution that does not require any installation or maintenance, allowing you to manage and deploy using a single pane of glass or one API call

Multicloud disaster recovery as a service

Replix operates a revolutionary Data Fabric – a mesh relay network that extends across all AWS and Azure regions. By tapping into the Replix Data Framework, you can gain immediate access to enterprise-grade resiliency and Zero RPO replication without having to set up the underlying infrastructure.

Workloads can be shifted between locations and clouds whenever it makes business, financial, or operational sense – no matter the size of the dataset in question negating data gravity and freeing you to make decisions according to operational needs and not vendor constraints.

The ability to shift workloads between cloud providers and regions assures your workloads are running in there optimal environment taking into account the different strengths of the vendors.

Replix eliminates the need to maintain dedicated infrastructure and complicated cross-cloud networking configurations, our managed service does the heavy lifting for you enabling multicloud deployment in a matter of minutes

Workloads can be shifted between locations and clouds whenever it makes business, financial, or operational sense – no matter the size of the dataset in question.

REplix Global Data Fabric Schema - with on prem and GCP

Continuity, mobility, and elasticity made simple

multicloud data management - Replix

Zero RPO (Recovery Point Objective)

Across Regions and Clouds With No Performance Impact

  • Run business-critical applications and databases on the public cloud without risks SLA 

  • Completely automated Fail-Over ensuring your applications are always available

  • Avoid the downtime by association, and don’t let the cloud infrastructure failures impact your business
Elasticity and Scale - Replix

Elasticity and Scale

Using Smart, Responsive, and Distributed Data Framework

  • Continuous replication, minimal latency

  • Reduce operational complexity by leveraging Replix’s Global Data Fabric as a Service

  • Scale effortlessly without worrying about replication impact
real time data mobility - Replix

Real Time Data Mobility

Make Data Available Anytime and Anyware.

  • Create multiple replicas across any distance
  • Keep your data in-sync across all locations and cloud providers
  • Avoid vendor lock-in due to data gravity

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