Multicloud Enterprise Storage as a Service

Data that is available anytime, anywhere. 

Multicloud Networking - Replix Multicloud data as a service
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Enterprise-Grade Storage For General Purpose Prices

Cloud-native Multicloud snapshots - Replix Multicloud data as a service


Replix offers unmatched replication capabilities. Your data is always safe, in many places at once.

Replix multicloud enterprise performance - Replix multicloud data as a service


Replix delivers the IOPS you need to run your mission-critical applications on the public-cloud.

Multicloud Reliability - Replix multicloud data as a service


More reliable than cloud-native solutions, Replix is storage you can trust your business with.

The Replix Volume - Design for Simplicity, Resiliency and Data Independence

Replix creates on the fly replicas with live synchronized data across distances and cloud providers without the need for dedicated hardware or networking configuration, your customers are live your data is static, Replix can change that.


Multicloud Data Portability

The Replix Volume is completely data-agnostic, ready to be mounted on any cloud with synced data, enabling you to re-use data and create any type of environment with live data.

  • Create business continuity synced replicas with zero RPO

  • Spin-off testing and development environments

  • Spin off analytics environments with live data
Zero recovery point objective across any distance - Replix Multicloud data as a service

Data Resiliency

The Replix Volume is an always-on high availability data storage that defends data across any distance from any level of disruption, enabling critical workloads to safely run on the public cloud with the highest SLA. 

  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

  • Zero RPO with Minimal RTO

  • End-to-End data resiliency architecture 

Latency & Performance

Leverage our vast array of relays to reduce RPO to zero, ensuring critical workloads can run in an optimal environment while using cheap general-purpose public cloud storage.

  • Decoupling capacity from performance

  • Unparalleled replication without compromising on throughput

  • Designed for hundreds of thousands of IOPS
Multicloud data replication - Replix Multicloud data as a service

Multicloud Storage for Kubernetes

Persistent Storage for Stateful Applications

Replix integrates natively with Kubernetes, providing the perfect solution for stateful workloads that need to be portable.

Kubernetes persistent multicloud data - Replix multicloud data as a service

Multicloud? Multi-cluster? Federation? Yes!

Managing applications on multiple geographically dispersed clusters? Move and failover workloads with persistent data between the clusters in seconds!

Like Docker registry - Replix Multicloud Data as a service

Docker Registry... For Persistent Data

Simply specify which Replix volume your pod uses for its persistent data, just as you would specify which container image to use from your image registry. It will simply work, on any cluster, anywhere in the world.

One Platform for All Your Data Needs

Continuity, Portability, And Elasticity Made Simple

fully managed replication service - Replix

MultiCloud Disaster Recovery

Sync replication across any distance, giving you versatile RPO’s reaching down to zero.

Real-Time Data Mobility@6x

MultiCloud Data Portability

A real-time synced replication solution that assures your data is live, anytime and anywhere

Multicloud data management

MultiCloud Data Management

Manage and deploy using a single pane of glass or one API call

Simple Pricing You Are Already Paying

Enterprise-Grade Multicloud Storage On Cheap General Purpose Storage.


Per GB Stored

Just like general purpose cloud storage


Per GB Replicated

 Just like the cloud’s egress charge

Ready To Get Started?

Replix delivers volumes that are ready to be mounted on any cloud. No setup, no maintenance, no training, no hardware required.


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Like Docker registry - Replix Multicloud Data as a service