Replix Global Data Fabric™

Real-Time Replication as a Service

Replix Global Data Framework™

Real-Time Replication as a Service

Seamlessly replicate data across cloud environments to ensure resiliency, business continuity, and data durability.

Learn how Replix’s revolutionary Data Framework enables companies to effortlessly

Achieve multi-cloud resiliency across any distance with no latency.

Why resiliency in the cloud is so difficult today?


Without the ability to ensure resiliency for business critical workloads, enterprises shy away from the public cloud, missing out on its many advantages. That is especially true for providers of client-facing services that require implementation of strict Service Level Agreements (SLA.) As a result, cloud adoption is put on hold as enterprises struggle to find cost-effective solutions for resiliency issues in the public cloud:  

Performance uncertainty@6x

High rate of consistency errors and data loss

Cloud storage is 10X more prone to consistency errors and data loss than the on-prem solutions from NetApp and Dell EMC. Therefore, extensive business continuity measures must be put in place before enterprises can even consider migrating critical services to the cloud.

Real-Time Data Mobility@6x

Geographic constraints

Enterprises are forced to accept the locations at which the cloud provider’s data centers are located.  As a result, control over latency that can be achieved with on-prem data centers is out of the question.

Business Continuity@6x

Lack of real-time block-level replication

Traditionally, replication for business-critical applications rely on hardware-based replication solutions which are simply not available in the cloud. This compels DevOps teams to resort to application-level replication, and thus manage and maintain a myriad of different replication configurations, resulting in increased IT complexity.

Replix: Enterprise-grade resiliency in the public cloud

Replix operates a revolutionary Data Fabric – a mesh relay network that extends across all AWS and Azure regions. By tapping into the Replix Data Framework, you can gain immediate access to enterprise-grade resiliency and Zero RPO replication without having to set up the underlying infrastructure.

In the event of critical failure or disaster affecting your region or cloud provider, all operations are restored immediately at an alternate location with all data present and accurate to the point of failure. Zero RPO.

Replix eliminates the need to maintain expensive infrastructure dedicated to resiliency and business continuity.

Workloads can be shifted between locations and clouds whenever it makes business, financial, or operational sense – no matter the size of the dataset in question.

Workloads can be shifted between locations and clouds whenever it makes business, financial, or operational sense – no matter the size of the dataset in question.

Cross cloud and region AWS to Azure replication as a service - Replix

Continuity, mobility, and elasticity made simple

Fight Data@6x

Zero RPO (Recovery Point Objective)

Across Regions and Clouds With No Performance Impact

  • Run business-critical applications and databases on the public cloud without risks SLA 


  • Completely automated Fail-Over ensuring your applications are always available


  • Avoid the downtime by association, and don’t let the cloud infrastructure failures impact your business
Elasticity and Scale - Replix

Elasticity and Scale

Using Smart, Responsive, and Distributed Data Framework

  • Continuous replication, minimal latency

  • Reduce operational complexity by leveraging Replix’s Global Data Fabric as a Service

  • Scale effortlessly without worrying about replication impact
real time data mobility - Replix

Real Time Data Mobility

Across Clouds

  • Create multiple Replicas across any distance
  • Keep your data in-sync across all locations and cloud providers
  • Avoid vendor lock-in due to data gravity

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