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A Guide to Stateful Kubernetes: Federation and Multi-Cluster Explained

Written by: Roey Libfeld on December 2, 2020

The portability of stateless applications gives them the ability to run anywhere, but not all applications are stateless; most applications are dependent on data, data that does not act by the same rule book as stateless applications.

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Data Resiliency in The Public Cloud

Written by: Roey Libfeld on August 13, 2020

In the world of enterprise IT, there is no word scarier than downtime. When you are responsible for business continuity, nothing can compare to the sinking feeling when you realize that you’ve just lost a large chunk of critical data that cannot be recovered. For companies providing client-facing services requiring the implementation of strict Service…

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Data resiliency in the public cloud - Replix

What Is Multicloud? And Why Do I Need To Have a Multicloud Strategy?

Written by: Michael Greenberg on August 2, 2020

Everyone who matters is already in the cloud. What’s next? Welcome to the multi-cloud era. The word “cloud” is often used in singular as if it was a uniform piece of technology. However, in practice, the term “clouds” would be much more accurate. As the organisations migrating to the cloud quickly come to appreciate, not…

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Why RPO Is The Most Important KPI In Your Data Resiliency Strategy

Written by: Michael Greenberg on July 26, 2020

If ensuring data resiliency and durability across multiple regions is your job, then meeting the elusive Zero Recovery Point Objective (Zero RPO) is probably on top of your wish list for 2020. After all, Zero RPO means that data loss is a thing of the past. No matter what happens to your servers, not a…

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Data Replication with Zero RPO - Replix
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