How It Works

Enterprise-Grade Replication as a Service

Global data fabric with 4 relays - Replix

The Replix Global Data Fabric is a fully-managed data mobility and replication service comprised of a mesh network of data relays that transport data between cloud locations in real-time.
The Fabric spans across all AWS regions, entierly eliminating the operational complexity associated with setting up and maintaining data replication infrastructure.


real time data mobility - Replix

Presents an identical block-device in each region via iSCSI

Works in all AWS regions - Replix

Works in all AWS regions

Multiple replication targets from a single source

Fully managed data service - Replix

Fully managed service, no network configuration required

All capabilities can be accessible

Real-Time Data Mobility@6x

Primary Replica transitions between regions within seconds

You Are 5 Minutes Away From True Business Continuity

Replix is non intrusive solution that adds enterprise grade replication to any app in a matter of minutes.