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From Zero To Multicloud In 10 Minutes

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Enterprise-Grade Multicloud Replication as a Service

The Replix Global Data Fabric is a fully-managed data mobility and replication multicloud service comprised of a mesh network of data relays that transport data between cloud locations in real-time.
The Fabric spans across all AWS regions, entirely eliminating the operational complexity associated with setting up and maintaining data replication infrastructure.

Multicloud is hard, let Replix do the Heavy lifting

Multicloud Networking without ReplixMulticloud data fabric explained - Replix

Setting up multicloud replication is done by filling a simple form or issuing one API call, describing what data should be replicated, and between which locations. Within a few minutes, the replicated storage, or Replix Volume becomes available to the application. All the underlying networking, security and other infrastructure to support the replication is completely transparent to the customer. All they need to do is to point their applications to use the Replix Volume for data storage. Any data written to the volume will be automatically replicated according to the customer’s configuration.


real time data mobility - Replix

Presents an identical block-device in each region via iSCSI

what is multicloud - Replix

Works across all AWS and Azure regions

Multiple replication targets from a single source with live synced data. 

Fully managed data service - Replix

Fully managed service, no network configuration required

All capabilities can be accessible

Real-Time Data Mobility@6x

Primary Replica transitions between regions within seconds

You Are 5 Minutes Away From True Business Continuity

Gain true flexibility and mobility, release your data from the constraints of vendors and geo-distance. Replix makes sure your decisions are based on operational needs and not due to data gravity.