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Live Webinar:

Multicloud Kubernetes as a Service and Cross-Cloud Storage

Join us on April 22 at 1pm EST

Kubernetes has traditionally been evaluated as a great open-source platform to enable stateless applications like microservices. As the platform has evolved, handling of stateful applications and data-centric use-cases has grown. However, when trying to make stateful applications highly available and portable across public clouds, we run into major data portability issues. 

In this demo session, we will show how to solve data replication and workload mobility with resiliency in mind. During the 30 minute session, we will deploy an application where your data and workloads are available with reliable and predictable failover, measured in under 60 seconds.

We will demonstrate how to:

  • Create a unified abstraction layer above public clouds, reaping benefits from CSPs while staying cloud-independent,

  • Enjoy an unrestricted stateful/stateless Kubernetes application mobility and move your entire stateful application stack to another Cloud Provider by adding another replica to the volume,


Presented By:

Leon Kuperman - CTO

Leon Kuperman

Co-founder & CTO at

Michael - Head of product at

Michael Greenberg

Head of Product at

Uri DevOps Lead -

Uri Zaidenwerg

DevOps Lead at

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