Replix Multicloud Resiliency and Disaster Recovery  

A Single Cloud Is A Peace Time Strategy 

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Multicloud Replication as a Service 

A fully managed real-time multicloud service, assuring critical workloads can safely run in the public cloud, regardless of geographical distance; a complete business continuity solution with no infrastructure or networking setup. 

  • No networking configuration needed: Business continuity enabled in a matter of minutes

  • Transparent data access: Replix bridges the gap between cloud providers and assures data is compatible to be mounted on any cloud provider

  • Disk level replication: Minimize overhead of configuring multiple apps by assuring data is replicated at the disk level 
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Helping you prevent the inevitable

Replix enables you to hold multiple replicas containing live data on multiple location and cloud providers.  Switch between locations in a matter of seconds, assuring an unprecedented level of business continuity.

  • Data in transit: Leverage Replix Data Fabric to protect data in transit across any distance.

  • Availability Zone (AZ) failure: Hold live synced replicas ready to replace an AZ failure

  • Region failure: Enable multicloud resiliency and shift workloads to a cloud provider in the same region or to a different region 

  • Cloud provider failure: Negate data gravity while providing business continuity in case of a cloud provider disaster. 
Disaster Recovery at any level

Solving the speed of light issue, cheating at its finest

To ensure data is continually available across any distance Replix has created a Data Fabric, a network of relays spread between public cloud data centers, doing the heavy lifting for you and assuring Zero RPO across any distance, not even a single I/O is lost due to a disaster. 

Latency in data fabric explained

Run critical workload on the public cloud at ease

Not a band-aid approach, continues data replication for the public cloud

Replix Recovery is the first solution to provide synchronous replication on the public cloud, leveraging our Data Fabric your organization will be able to gain an unprecedented level of data durability and consistency at any level of disaster.

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Multicloud Operational Flexibility

Gain true flexibility and mobility, release your data from the constraints of vendors and geo-distance. Replix makes sure your decisions are based on operational needs and not due to data gravity.

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Prevent Vendor Lock-In

Regain the freedom to choose your cloud provider by neutralizing data gravity. Make your application data available anywhere at any time.

Elasticity and Scale - Replix

High Scalability

Create replicas with live data on demand, meet data compliance regulations by using a scalable service,  delivering redundancy at a click of a button.

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Tailor the cloud to your needs 

Choose cloud providers according to strengths not vendor constraints, span data across clouds for analytics, dev, test or any type of environment you desire.

The difference between and static data ​

Forget about snapshot shipping and other point-in-time solutions. Replix assures synchronicity
between any location, across any distance with a Zero RPO, giving you the flexibility to shift workloads according to your operational needs, knowing that your data is synced and ready. 

Working with live data - Replix
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